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Easton Tae Kwon Do
55 Main Street
Stockertown, PA 18040

Phone: (610) 759-7021

Family Oriented Dojo

About Tae Kwon Do.

Tae Kwon Do is a traditional Korean martial art that puts its emphasis on kicking techniques. The Korean word "Tae Kwon Do" translates into "the way of the hand and foot." Still primarily a defensive art of self-protection, Tae Kwon Do has in the past two decades rapidly developed as an injury-free international competitive sport and is now an official Olympic event.

The commitment to training is one of personal development and growth. It is a physical, mental and emotional journey that becomes a life changing experience shaping body, mind, and soul.

Why Easton Tae Kwon Do?

  • Family Oriented
    • Family Plan Options
    • Special Events/Social Activities
  • No Contracts
    • Affordable Tuitions
    • specialized competition training
    • USA TKD Membership
  • New Facility
    • Central Air
  • Black Belt Certifications
    • Internationally Recognized Black Belt Club Leadership Program
  • Little Dragon Program
Certified Black Belt program
 **Knowledge of the mind, Honesty in the heart, Strength in the body**
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